The award-winning, Flytta is a high-performance and Swedish-designed standing desk brand, that offers the maximum height adjustability on the market. Built to last the test of time, these European Made Height Adjustable Desks come with a 7-year warranty, assuring you of premium quality and effortless functionality.


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Flytta Standing Desk and Standing Desk Converters


What is the difference between the Flytta 2 and Flytta 2 M?


The Flytta 2, is Flyttas award-winning Height Adjustable Desk, being awarded Independents Best Buy Standing Desk. This is Flytta's extra-height Standing Desk, with an adjustment range of 64-130cm. Making it suitable for users up to 200cm tall. The Flytta 2 M, is the standard height solution, adjustable between 70 - 120cm and suitable for users up to 185cm. The frame size, as well as high-quality technology, are identical between the 2 models, both using dual motors, silent motion and anti-collision technology, only differing in height adjustability. 


Is there a warranty on Flytta Standing Desks?


Yes. Flytta Standing Desks have a warranty of 7 years.


Are Flytta Standing Desks easy to install?


If you have some basic DIY skills or have some past experience of putting up flatpack furniture then this should be no problem. Additionally, we have video instructions that you can use to help assemble your Flytta Standing Desk. We estimate that it should take between 45-60 minutes to assemble Flytta 2 and Flytta 2 M models. 


Does Flytta have a range of Standing Desk Converters/ Desk Risers?


Yes. Flytta Standing Desk Converters can be found on this page or alternatively here. Flytta has 3 models of Desk Riser, the Flytta Small Desk Riser, Flytta Medium Desk Riser and the Flytta Large Desk Riser.