Standing Desks are all the hype across offices nationwide at the moment. The Sit-Stand solution that is effective in boosting workplace productivity as well as the health and well-being of workers all across the UK.

Find our fantastic range of Standing Desks, including our electric Height Adjustable Desks that have the maximum height adjustability on the market. Our Desk Risers, from Britain's favourite brand Yo-Yo Desk and the award-winning Flytta, are a great ergonomic solution that can be installed in 5 minutes and won't change your current work aesthetic too much.

Find your perfect Standing Desk here at Ergo Furniture and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch! 

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Standing Desks is the broad term for an ergonomic desk that allows for work whilst standing. No surprise right? There are a few different names for standing desks that you may be more familiar with, these include sit-stand desks, stand-up desks & up-down desks. They are however most commonly known as standing desks.


Getting to know the difference between Height Adjustable Desks and Desk Risers


Here at Ergo Furniture, we specialise in the two most common types of standing desks which include electric height adjustable desks and desk risers. Both types offer sit-stand working however are different in aesthetics and serve a slightly different purpose. 


Height adjustable desks, otherwise known as electric desks and adjustable desks offer a complete standing desk set-up. This means that the electric adjustable frame and desktop are both included. These are controlled at the touch of the button, that when pressed adjusts the frame up or down through a 2 or 3-step leg system which then raises or lowers the desktop. Typically most of our height-adjustable desks come with anti-collision technology to remove the risk of the desk adjusting when blocked. Additionally, our standing height adjustable desks come fitted with silent motion technology removing the worry about your desk being too loud when moving up or down. The sound given off from the standing desk motors is no more than 45db.


If you’d like to take a look at our Height Adjustable Standing Desk product range then please click here. You’ll be able to find Britain's favourite Standing Desk Brand, Yo-Yo Desk, as well as the award-winning Flytta. 


Desk Risers, also known as Standing Desk Converters tend to be more compact and are typically placed on top of pre-existing desks. These are the perfect standing desk ergonomic solution if you do not want to alter your office space drastically, or if you are tight on space. All Desk Risers require no power source and adjust through the use of a gas-assisted spring. 


If you want to find out more about our Desk Riser range then please check out our Desk Riser collection page which you find via the link. Alternatively, we have written an all-encompassing blog explaining “What are Desk Risers?” so you can all the information you need when choosing your standing desk. 


Why you should invest in a Standing Desk


Standing Desks are amazing ergonomic products that promote healthy and comfortable working. In recent years, Standing Desks have become more popular than ever and it's no surprise considering their vast health and productivity benefits. If you are interested in an in-depth look at the benefits of standing desks then please see our recent blog post titled “What are the benefits of a height adjustable desk?”. These benefits range from boosting productivity and focus to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Below I will go over some workplace & health benefits that you can get from using a standing desk regularly.


Workplace benefits of using a Standing Desk

  • Improving Focus. 
  • Boosting workplace productivity


    This sounds like a CEO's dream come true and rightly so. Even massive multinational companies like Facebook and Google have started to introduce standing desks in their offices. Over 250 Facebook recruits actively use a standing desk day to day. Facebook recruiter Grey Hoy even expressed his enthusiasm about Standing Desks to Wall Street Journal stating “I don’t get 3 o’clock slump anymore, I feel active all day long”. 


    Adding to the point of Standing Desks boosting productivity, a study published by Taylor and Francis compared productivity levels over a 6 month period between seated desk users and those who stood for some time in their day. The results found that on average, standing users were 45% more productive compared to those seated. A significant finding supporting the productivity benefits of standing desks. 

    • Reducing occupational fatigue


    Health and Wellbeing benefits of using a Standing Desk

    Improved blood circulation. This is an obvious benefit by itself however improving blood flow can also be linked to other work and health benefits. It is believed that improved blood circulation can be linked to better mental focus due to increased and improved flow of oxygen around the brain and body. A study published by the Scandinavian journal of work, environment and health found that 71% of employees reported feeling more focused after reducing sitting in the workplace by just 1 hour. Burn more calories in a day when using a standing desk. Even though the energy burned is only slightly greater when standing compared to sitting, over time this will be significant and no doubt will have a positive effect on the body. Improvement in postureDecreased risk of osteoporosisReduced Risk of Cardiovascular disease


      How to use a Standing Desk correctly to get the most out of it ergonomically.


      In case you don’t know what ergonomic means, Humanscale has written a great definition, stating that ergonomics is “The science of fitting a workplace to the user’s needs, ergonomics aims to increase efficiency and productivity and reduce discomfort.”. 


      When relating ergonomics to using your standing desk there are 2 key parts that are really important. Firstly this is your desk height. Whilst either sitting or standing it is advised that your elbows should be in line with the desktop, therefore when working your arms are then parallel to the desktop. This position will allow sufficient blood flow as well as comfortable working & good posture. The second main point is finding the correct monitor height. Your monitor screen should be positioned around 20-28 inches away from your face and it advised that the screen is titled around 10-20°. The top of the monitor screen should be at eye level. This screen positioning allows the workspace to be as ergonomic as possible and reduces neck movement whilst working.


      Finally, it is suggested that the amount of time spent standing is between 1:1 and 1:2 ratios, standing versus sitting. This doesn’t need to occur in hour intervals but can be 20-minute durations or maybe even shorter. We find it common that a lot of standing desk users tend to prefer standing whilst carrying out more mundane tasks to reduce occupational fatigue. 

      More information regarding the ergonomic use of your standing desk can be found via our blog.