About Us

We Care For Your Work Health. 

That's why at ERGO Furniture we have some of Britain's favourite, and to no surprise, some of the best ergonomic brands on our website. 

We want to offer our customers a fantastic choice of ergonomic brands and become a go-to place for standing desks & ergonomic furniture, whether that be for the home or corporate offices. We offer a great range of height-adjustable desks and desk risers. An extensive choice of standing desk solutions to tailor to your needs. Whether you are looking for something a little more stylish or affordable, I am certain we have the ergonomic solution for you. 

With all the brands available at ERGO Furniture, it is true that there is a common theme throughout. This is that they all turn up on a daily basis to serve those that wish to have a healthy work environment. Ergonomic working is no joke in 2023 and don’t these brands know it. For years, big multinational companies ignored ergonomic working but for no more. Even the likes of Google and Facebook, being offered a height adjustable desks or having one is commonplace. This is why, us and our brands alike are here, to help you and employees across the UK be more comfortable, productive and healthy when working. 

Customer Service Matters

We want to help you and the rest of our customers make the right decision when choosing their standing desk, whether that be a height-adjustable desk or desk riser. We understand that you want your standing desk to be just right, the perfect frame finish & desktop colour. This is why we provide free samples of all our available desktops & powder coated frame finishes. Why get stressed trying to workout the perfect look for you home over the computer screen. Just drop us an email to request these samples and they will be with you in less than 48 hours.

We are on hand to answer your calls every Monday to Friday, 9 am until 17:00 pm or alternatively reach out to us via email and we will reply in a very timely manner. 

Customer service matters. That is why we are here to help when your choosing height adjustable desk or desk riser. 

We strive for sustainability

Our selected brands all tend to be very similar in some aspects of their business. Yes, they are all the best brands in the UK for Height Adjustable Desks, Desk Risers and Ergonomic furniture, and yes they all sell top-quality and premium products. But what else? 

Sometimes in business, it is very easy for companies to disregard a lot of other important aspects. The companies ERGO Furniture work with are all specifically hand-picked because they don’t disregard the finer details. They care for more than just the quality of your height adjustable desk but also the source for the manufactured materials. 

That’s why all our height adjustable desk desktops sold on our website have the FSC certification. An environmental label that requires that the production of wood-based products respect procedures that guarantee the sustainable management of forests. Additionally for every Height Adjustable Desk sold by Yo-Yo Desk, £1 is donated to help plant a tree in association with the National Forest

Plastic within most of the retail industry is a massive problem. It is used in excess and it’s no surprise given the cheap cost of plastic packaging materials. Realistically plastic-based packaging including plastic wrap and polystyrene is substantially cheaper than sustainable alternatives. This initial cheap financial cost does however have a long-term negative environmental impact. Plastic stays around for far too long. The degradation of plastic takes decades and that's why it’s littered across every corner of the globe.

We are proud to say that our suppliers use eco-packaging throughout all of their packaging and deliveries, removing all plastic & polystyrene from the packaging process. 

Find your Ergonomic Solution

Our primary goal is that your working life improves, whether that be for your own comfort or in the sense of productivity. 

Each customer has there own reason for wanting an ergonomic height adjustable desk or desk riser and we want to be here for you to make the right choice!