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What are Height Adjustable Desks? 

Height Adjustable Desks, Stand Up Desks, Sit Stand Desks, Standing Desks, Desk Risers. At first thought, you’d believe they are all the same thing, and rightly so. You are almost there but with these, you have 2 main types. 

Firstly…. height adjustable desks, look like a typical office desk, however, there is one slight difference, they move up and down (and are electronic). These are also commonly called Sit-Stand Desk.

 The second type of Standing Desk is that of a Desk riseralso known as a Standing Desk Converter. These ergonomic workstations can be placed on top of a pre-existing desk or table and they convert it into a sit-stand desk. These typically are not electronic and are usually gas-spring assisted. 

Now that's cleared it… Which one should I get?

Height Adjustable Desks vs Desk Risers

This is totally circumstantial and both are great in their own right. Below we’ll go through deciding factors that may answer your question. 

  1. Do you have the space for a brand new full desk set up? If the answer is yes then a height-adjustable desk is likely for you. However, if you are lacking in space or don't want to get rid of an already present table or office desk then a desk riser would likely be a better solution. This saves chucking anything out and the aesthetics remain near enough the same.
  2. Affordability…. Having a standing desk is an ergonomic workstation that will no doubt be used for years to come. In Sweden (the home of standing desks) these are commonplace in offices and 80% of Office workers use one on a day-to-day basis. Their benefit and the boost in productivity and energy levels these create can really not be priced. That being said, here at Ergo Furniture our prices are very competitive and we strive to allow access to Standing Desks at affordable prices. The Yo-Yo Desk 80-s, a desk riser, costs as little as £199.95 and it's no surprise it's a best seller. Comparing that to one of our larger electric Height Adjustable Desks, our Yo-Yo Desk Pro 1, comes in at just £397.95, again very affordable. In short, we suggest not basing your purchase on your needs more so that we don’t doubt you will find the perfect product at the perfect price. 
  3. I’m scared about the installation procedure. There really is no need, all our Standing Desk converters require virtually no installation. Our height adjustable desks, however, do require more of a job but the standard-size dual motor desks should take no longer than 45 minutes when following our easy-to-follow tutorial videos, all that is required is a few basic tools. 

Why Do I Need a Standing Desk? What are the negative effects of sitting?

Research from the Mayo Clinic shows that generally healthy & active office workers are also at risk of contracting heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, back pain, dementia, and depression if prolonged periods of sitting are not reduced in the workplace. Following this, Heart Foundation in the USA compared sitting to the new smoking, due to its countless health consequences. With the risk of increasing Cardiovascular disease as well as diabetes. 

Do they really work?

Of course, I could tell you this but what's better than to back this up with professional research in some top UK & Global universities?

The University of Leicester (2019) found that employees in their study reported feeling more energised, focused and productive when they spent part of their working day standing. Even for as little as 60 minutes a day! In another multi-study article by WebMDother health benefits of using a standing desk/desk converter included increased daily loss of calories, a decrease in back pain as well as improvement in posture. 

Additionally, Research published by the British Medical Journal follows trials involving 146 NHS staff where over half of whom swapped out their traditional office desks for flexible standing office desks. The study showed that those who normally had a sedentary work life that switched to a standing desk reported improved engagement in their work along with fewer musculoskeletal problems. Humans are not built for sitting for prolonged periods and this does not bode well for those who have desk jobs. Thankfully, studies have shown that breaking up your normal routine with intermittent standing bouts can significantly reduce the risk of back pain.

What Height Adjustable Desk should I get?

 Let's list some key factors which should give you some guidance.

 Looking for an L-shaped desk/ larger corner workstation?

 We have a fantastic range of corner height adjustable desks, all of which come with triple motors. In our range of L-shaped height adjustable desks, we have 2 differing height adjustabilities. The Yo-Yo Desk Pro 3 is an aesthetically pleasing and affordable corner standing desk however this is only suitable for those 6 ft 1” and under. Looking for something that goes a bit higher? Check out our Yo-Yo Desk Pro 3+, suitable for individuals up to 6’7”. If aesthetics is something that is more important to you and you want to stay clear of the classic matt colourways we have an exciting Chrome and Raw steel L-shaped desk from the Premium Height Adjustable Desk brand, Lavoro. All Lavoro Standing Desks come with the maximum height adjustability on the market and are suitable for those up to 6’7”.

 Looking for something to fit into a modern or rustic aesthetic?

 Within our height-adjustable desk ranges, we have some real show stoppers that will be suitable for any professional, modern and eye-pleasing corporate or home office. Our Raw Steel & Chrome Height Adjustable frame finishes offer a slightly classier aesthetic to our standard finished frames and can really complete your office look. These frame finishes are available for both our straight and L-shaped height-adjustable desks. 

Want the maximum height adjustability on the market?

All Lavoro branded desks offer the maximum height adjustability available within the UK. Raising to a maximum height of 128.5cm, therefore being suitable for users up to 6’7”.