How to use your Height Adjustable Desk to maximise its ergonomic benefits!

How to use your Height Adjustable Desk to maximise its ergonomic benefits!

Believe it or not, it’s pretty easy to use your Standing Height Adjustable Desk incorrectly. We don’t mean people stand when the desk is in a seated position or vice versa. Instead, an adjustable desk may not be raised sufficiently to allow the true health and ergonomic benefits that the desk can offer. 

In case you're late to the party. Standing Desks are pretty much what they say on the tin. These are desks that allow standing working. There are a few different types of Standing Desks but here at Ergo Furniture we focus on the 2 main types. Firstly, Height Adjustable Desks also known as adjustable desks and electric desks. There adjust up and down, at the touch of a button and allow a user to switch between sitting and standing working. The second common type of Standing Desks are Desk Risers, also known as Standing Desk Converters. These are placed on top of pre-existing desks and can adjust up and down through the use of a gas-assisted spring, these are not electric and require no power source.

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Let's get to the point, how to use/ not use your Standing Desk, whether it be a height-adjustable desk or Desk Riser!

Standing Desk Ergonomics

Ergonomics? A word that you’ve probably heard being thrown around a lot more than it used to be, but ergonomics and ergonomic working is now all the hype. In the UK, we are big on workplace health and ergonomics and working healthily goes hand in hand. A basic definition of ergonomics that was written by Humanscale is:

“The science of fitting a workplace to the user’s needs, ergonomics aims to increase efficiency and productivity and reduce discomfort.”

Now we know that, let's apply this to your Standing Desk, whether it be a Height Adjustable Desk or Desk Riser and get you working as ergonomically as possible.

Finding the right height for your Standing Desk to maximise health and well-being benefits.

One of the most common questions when using a Standing Desk is “What Height should I be using it at? And rightly so as this is a great question. If you really want to gain the most from your standing desks ergonomic benefits then it is important that it is used correctly. Below we will explain some key points to ensure you are doing this.

The bottom line of using your standing desk ergonomically comes down to 2 simple parts.

  1. Monitor Height
  2. Keyboard/Desk Height 


Correct monitor height for your Standing Desk

It is recommended that your monitor screens are positioned around 20-28 inches away from your face. It is also important to note that the top of your screen should be eye level and for the screen to be tilted between 10° - 20°. Depending on the standing desk you have this could mean it may be suitable to purchase a monitor arm. This would allow better screen positioning and be better ergonomically. 

Finding The Right Desk Height.

Whilst either sitting or standing, your standing desk desktop should be in line with your elbows whilst your arms are relaxed at your side. The means, when working your elbows will be at 90° and parallel to the surface of the desktop. If you find it more comfortable to work when your desktop is slightly lower then this isn’t a problem whatsoever. The idea is that your arms are in a comfortable position to type and that the angle they are in promotes healthy circulation.


Image Reference:


User Height Reference Guide

If you are having trouble following the steps above then below is a table that may be able to help you. Please be aware the figures below represent a person's height without shoes and desk accessories (e.g. Active Mat)

Your Height (Feet and Inches) Your Height (cm) Seated Desk Height (Inches) Seated Desk Height (cm) Standing Desk Height (Inches) Standing Desk Height (cm)
5 152.5 22 63* 31 79
5’ 1" 155 23.5 63* 32 81.5
5’ 2” 157.5 24 63* 33 84
5’ 3” 160 24.5 64 34 86.5
5’ 4” 162.5 25 65 35 89
5’ 5” 165 25.5 66 36 91.5
5’ 6” 167.5 26 67 37 94
5’ 7” 170 >26.5 68 38 96.5
5’ 8” 172.5 27 69 39 99
5’ 9” 175 27.5 70 40 101.5
5’ 10” 177.5 28 71 41 104
5’ 11” 180 28.5 72 42 106.5
6’ 182.5 29 73 43 109
6’ 1” 185 29 74 44 111.5
6’ 2” 187.5 29.5 75 45 114
6’ 3” 190 30 76 46 117
6’ 4” 192.5 30.5 77 47 119
6’ 5” 195 31 78 48 122
6’ 6” 197.5 31 79 49 124.5

Table Contents and Information courtesy of ErgoDesks

How long should I be Standing for?

In a previous blog, titled “What are Desk Risers?” we covered the subject “Is Sitting bad for you?”. To summarise, of course sitting isnt bad for you, however sitting for long periods of time is and in present day, people tend to find themselves sitting a lot more than previously. Our lifestyles now, whether it be due to our jobs or transport choices lead to a large amount of time spent sat down. As spoken about in our blog, the  Heart Foundation even made a statement saying “Sitting is the new smoking”. It may be blown slightly out of proportion however the bottom line is, sitting down too much can have both short term and long term health consequences. 

If you’ve made it this far, I’m sure you are enthusiastic to cut out sitting at least a little bit and get the most out of your standing desk!

Research to find out what amount of time spent standing is most beneficial is still in its early stages. However, it is suggested that a ratio of 1:1 or 2:1, sitting versus Standing time appears to be ideal and optimal for ergonomic benefits and to decrease health risks (National Library of Medicine, Karakolis & Callaghan). 


Standing Desks, including both Height Adjustable Desks and Desk RIsers are great ergonomic tools to help boost productivity in the workplace and improve personal health and wellbeing. In order to get the full ergonomic benefits from them it is key they are used correctly, with special focus on desk and monitor height. If you are wanting to find out more information then please contact us at

If you are wanting more information on our product ranges then please see our Height Adjustable Desk and Desk Risers collection pages.


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