What Size Standing Desk Converter Should I Buy?

What Size Standing Desk Converter Should I Buy?

In the evolving landscape of remote work and ergonomic office solutions, standing desk converters, also known as desk risers, have become increasingly popular. These innovative tools offer an easy and effective way to transform a traditional workspace into a dynamic, health-conscious environment. When choosing a standing desk converter, it's crucial to consider several factors to ensure that it suits your needs and workspace.

Here's a detailed guide to help you make an informed decision.

Size Compatibility

Firstly, the size of the standing desk converter is of paramount importance. It must fit comfortably on your existing desk without overhanging edges, which can create instability or a cramped working area. The converter should provide ample space for your computer, accessories, and any other essential work items. Our range of desk risers vary greatly in size and most specifically, width. Our smallest desk converter, Yo-Yo Desk 70 is just 69cm wide, whilst the Yo-Yo Desk 120 is just under 120cm. Your decision ultimately depends on how much work equipment you have and how much sopavre you want to work in. We have divided our standing desk converter collections into that for single monitor standing desk converter setups and for dual monitor standing desk converter setups to make your shopping experience that bit easier!

Equally important is the consideration of your height. An ideal standing desk converter should allow you to stand comfortably without hunching or straining, with your arms resting at a natural 90-degree angle at the keyboard.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a standing desk converter is a critical aspect. It must be sturdy enough to support not just the weight of your computer, monitors, and other desk accessories, but also any additional force exerted while typing or leaning on the surface. An under-capacity desk riser can pose risks of collapsing or damaging your equipment. Therefore, it's crucial to check the maximum weight capacity specified by the manufacturer and ensure it exceeds the combined weight of your desk items.

Adjustable Height and Ergonomic Features

The main appeal of standing desk converters lies in their adjustability. A good converter should offer a range of height settings to cater to different postures and activities throughout the day. Look for a standing desk converter with easy-to-use height adjustment mechanisms, allowing smooth transitions between sitting and standing.

Additional ergonomic features can enhance the utility and comfort of a desk riser. Some models come equipped with keyboard trays, which are essential for maintaining a proper ergonomic typing position. Others might include storage shelves or compartments for organizing desk supplies, further optimizing your workspace.

Installation and Setup

Consider the ease of installation and setup. Most standing desk converters are designed for simple, straightforward setup, often requiring no tools. However, it's still important to review the setup process before purchase to ensure you're comfortable with it. Some converters might be heavier or more cumbersome to install, so consider this factor if you plan to move it frequently. 

Please note that all of our Yo-Yo Desk and Flytta Desk Converters have an extremely simple set up that should take no longer than 5 minutes. 

Aesthetic and Design

While functionality is key, the aesthetic appeal of your standing desk converter should not be overlooked. A design that complements your existing office decor can enhance the overall look and feel of your workspace. Converters come in various styles and finishes, from sleek, modern designs to more traditional looks. Choose one that aligns with your personal style and enhances your workspace ambiance.


In conclusion, a standing desk converter is an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve their workplace ergonomics, especially in a home office setting. When selecting a standing desk converter, prioritize size compatibility, weight capacity, adjustable features, ease of setup, and design aesthetics. By carefully considering these factors, you can choose a standing desk converter that not only contributes to a healthier work posture but also complements and enhances your workspace. With the right desk riser, the transition to a more dynamic, comfortable, and productive work environment is seamless and rewarding.

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