Unlocking Ergonomics: Your Ultimate Guide to Standing Desk Converters

Unlocking Ergonomics: Your Ultimate Guide to Standing Desk Converters

You go to buy a standing desk and all of a sudden you realize that this choice isn't going to be as easy as you first thought. Electric or Manual? Slim-lined or not? Suitable for my height? There are all these questions about whether you’re picking the right standing desk and this doesn't even mention if you’ve decided between a Standing Adjustable Desk or a Standing Desk Converter.

A lot of people are probably scratching their heads right now thinking “What is a Standing Desk Converter?” A desk that rises? Surely. Well, Yes it is but it’s a bit more than that. I’ll walk you through some of the most common questions regarding Standing Desk Converters. What are they? Why they are a thing? And if you should you get one.


What are Standing Desk Converters and why do you need one in 2024?

Right, it makes sense to start simple.

What are Standing Desk Converters? Before we move on, it is probably wise of me to tell you some other terms used to explain what a Standing Desk Converter is, just in case you are familiar with that, rather than “Desk Riser”. Probably the most common synonym for a Desk Riser is “Standing Desk Converter”, unsurprisingly followed by it being called a Desk Converter. To be fair to these names they explain perfectly what a Desk Riser really does.

A Desk Riser / Standing Desk Converter is a particular type of standing desk that can be placed on top of a pre-existing desk or work surface. The Desk Riser then can rise and fall, usually with the use of a gas-assisted spring, adjusting to your working height.


What is the purpose of a Standing Desk Converter?

I won’t waffle on, as the answer is pretty simple. The purpose of a Standing Desk Converter is to allow a multi-functional workspace, whereby you can work either sitting or standing.


What are the benefits of Standing Desk Converters?

Now here is where it gets interesting. Admittedly a lot of these answers will be relevant for general standing desks/height adjustable desks as well as for Standing Desk Converters.

The question of, which is more beneficial, a height-adjustable desk or Standing Desk Converter, will really be down to user circumstances more than anything, however, we’ll cover this a bit more in the next question.

Well, the benefits are really quite endless and this could be covered over 1000 pages if you really wanted to. Don't worry I won't keep you that long and we’ll quickly power through some.

Improvement in posture. Stop that slouching! Hey, that's what ergonomic working is for! Decrease in occupational fatigue. Switch it up, it can really help. Improved circulation Burn calories. You probably think to yourself “at work?”. Yes, I’m serious, this isn’t saying you shouldn't go to the gym or exercise however standing compared to sitting really does burn more calories. Now imagine that small change occurred every day. It becomes significant. Engage key muscle groups. Reduce blood pressure + improves blood circulation = decreased risk of Cardiovascular disease. We get this isn’t going to happen after using your Desk Riser once but we hope from seeing all the benefits, this becomes incorporated into your daily working life. Boost Productivity in the workplace.

Should I get a Standing Desk or a Standing Desk Converter?

As said previously, this is generally circumstantial and down to user preference. The benefits are more or less the same but you should probably ask yourself these questions when coming around to decide between the two.

Do I have space for a complete, new standing desk or would I rather just convert my previous desk? Is my height suitable for either one? This is a good question when shopping for standing desks in general, not just deciding between the two. Standing desks have quite a large range in adjustability. At ERGO Furniture, we have extra-height desks suitable for users up to 6’7” however we also have a standard height range that is only suitable for users up to 6’1”. It is, therefore, wise to take this into account. Saying this, when you ask yourself that question in regards to buying a Desk Riser, you need to think about the desk you are going to convert. How high is the pre-existing desk, etc…?


How do you use a Standing Desk Converter?

Let's hope it isn't rocket science… well, you’ll be glad to hear it isn't whatsoever, but interestingly our Yo-Yo Desk Standing Desk Converter range does have Aircraft-grade aluminium gas springs. There probably wasn’t enough link between airplanes and rockets for that reference but hey-ho.


How do you use a Standing Desk Converter?

It’s simple, once it is placed on top of your workspace or desk. Simply use the lever on the side to adjust the height of the desk up/ down to your desired height. There's really no more to it.

As said, typically these come with gas-assisted springs making it light work to move up and down and will require no effort from the user.

Is sitting really that bad for me? Is sitting bad for you? It is quite a broad question really. Is sitting bad for someone who sits down for 2 hours a day? No. For 5 hours a day? Not so much. However, is sitting bad for a person if they sit down for the majority of their workday, then commute home on a train sitting down, and once home sit on the sofa most of the evening? Then the answer is most definitely, yes. I suppose it comes around to the saying “all in moderation”. Sitting isn't bad for you at all but too much sitting can have detrimental effects.

You’ll probably be shocked to hear the phrase “Sitting is new Smoking” that is referring to the growing sedentary lifestyles in the Western world. This shocking phrase was referenced by the Heart Foundation USA and was shortly followed by some more alarming statistics. Over 25% of American Adults sit for more than 8 hours a day. The average American watches approximately 3 hours of television every day. The average American is active for less than 20 minutes every day.…

You get the point right? We sit a little too much and probably have gotten a bit too comfortable. With the increased sitting and inactivity, it's no surprise that a greater risk of detrimental effects comes with it. A 2011 study of 800’000 people, compared two groups of people, those that sit the most and those that sit the least. Guess what they found in those that sit the most?

112% increased risk of diabetes. 147% increased risk of cardiovascular events. 90% increased risk of death from CV events and a 49% increased risk of death from any cause.

So to conclude, sitting isn’t great for long periods of time and for a lot of office workers, unfortunately, that's the case. Due to the work lifestyle, it is likely the majority sit too much, but that isn’t to say there isn’t a solution…… introducing to you, the Standing Desk Converter.


Are Standing Desk Converters easy to assemble and install?

Yes. They really are. Our Standing Desk Converters are primarily pre-assembled and for the most part, all that is required is to attach the keyboard tray using 8 screws and a screwdriver, and then voila!


Would a Standing Desk Converter boost my productivity?

If you are working at a desk-based job now I am sure there have been plenty of times (if not daily) that you make an excuse to get up and have a walk. Whether that be to make a cup of tea or go to the toilet. Whatever it may be, it's common for people to start going a bit stir-crazy when in the same position for a prolonged amount of time and it's no surprise.

Using a Standing Desk Converter and having the option to work in a sit-stand position really has been shown to boost productivity. In a study published by the British Medical Journal, sit/stand desk workers reported improved job performance and work engagement as well as less occupational fatigue, compared to a control group. This isn’t the only study to find significant results. Another study, looking at Call Center Productivity Over 6 Months found important benefits of employing stand-capable desks in the workforce to increase productivity. The Standing Desk Converter phenomenon is now sweeping offices nationwide and is becoming the new norm. It’s no shock as CEOs sure do like productivity!


Should I get a Standing Desk Converter?

Do you want to make an easy lifestyle choice to decrease your inactivity and boost your productivity in the workplace? Do you want to have the choice of sitting or standing whilst working? That is the great thing about Standing Desk Converters, they are not removing sitting from your working day, but rather just incorporating standing into it. A simple switch in your work routine can have a huge benefit.

Pssst… there is a reason Google and other successful companies are converting, but I’ll let you decide.

And that's that. If you still haven’t been converted to get a Standing Desk Converter after that I’m guessing you either aren’t in an office-based job or are just stubborn.

I hope you liked the article, and if you’d like any more information, please contact us at: sales@ergofurniture.co.uk


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